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Buy, Create & Vote

Each day there is a new t-shirt design selected from hundreds of creative submissions. For the first 24 hours we offer the contest winning tee at 25% discount in the Shirt of the Day Gallery. After 24 hours the newly birthed tees graduate to the shop graphic tees section where you can browse the entire collection of contest winners and Collective t-shirts. Check out the 50 Most Wanted tees for the best of the best in DBH design. Then browse through the artists stores for custom t shirts in the DBH Collective.

As always, Design By Humans takes pride in high quality graphic shirts with specialty prints. Most contest winners and all over prints are screen print t shirts, while the Collective tees are available with custom colors and printed with high end digital print technology.

What is Design By Humans?

Design By Humans is an online t-shirt company based in California with a diversified network of over 15,000 international artists submitting designs for the chance to win a $1,000 daily cash prize. There is a new contest winner every 24 hours and several graphic tees are added to our artist's collective stores daily.

Our Special Contests

At DBH, we support and inspire humans to create the best t-shirts for fellow humans. The special t shirt contests often involve guest sponsors that collaborate with Design By Humans. It's a cultural thing when we get to work with people involved with The Dark Knight Rises, Wacom, and some of our favorite charities. Then there are other special contests to challenge artist like cool characters, new musicians and creative themes.

How does Design By Humans Work?

Submitting new t shirt designs is easy. We just ask for a thumbnail of your design and a mock up on a t shirt template which we provide for you. Approved designs can be viewed in the Vote area where you can browse through potential contest winners. Once a t-shirt design is selected as a winner, the artist will be awarded $1,000. Getting started is simple, just register an account, then submit t shirt designs. Once you register you can ask questions in the forums, submit artwork, give feedback, vote for the next winner, and receive special discounts and updates.

Welcome to Design By Humans

Design By Humans shirts support a variety of artists, promote creativity, and offer humans a unique style. The Design By Humans network empowers artists all over the world and inspires others to be a part of the community that represents a unique style. You can support the worldwide art community by wearing your favorite artists work and promoting your favorite t shirt designs. Each t shirt design is printed on high quality cotton using environmentally friendly inks and the most advanced printing methods. Welcome to Design By Humans, a design community where you can shop, buy, discover, vote and create the next big trend in graphic tees.

Joining our Community

We are an online community and we want to stay connected with you. The weekly newsletter will keep you posted on all the new contests, specials and discounts. We also post t shirt designs, photoshoot and fashion tips on social media via, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube. We look forward to you joining our network of artists, t-shirt lovers and collectors.

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